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2019 Community Supported Art - Seasonal Print Set

2019 Community Supported Art - Seasonal Print Set


I have created a subscription for a limited edition set of four coordinated hand printed images on archival paper. Mostly because getting something lovely in the mail induces happiness. These will be sent to you along with a missives of seasonal wisdom. One each for the traditional cross quarter holidays of my Irish ancestors: Beltane, Lughnasa, Samhain, and Imbolc. Subscribers will receive the first mailings for the next holiday. So your first mailing is dependent on when you sign up.

Beltane, for the early blooms of summer in May

Lughnasa, first week of August, the time of early harvest

Samhain, late October for the descent into winter

Imbolc, the quickening of spring in early February 2020

Thank you for supporting my work. many blessings to you.

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Sales from this set of cards support The Red Wing Blackbird Project.