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Workshop: Indigo Resistance!



Indigo Blue is a magical and marvelous dye. It may well be the oldest dye, and is revered by many cultures around the world.  It comes of course from plants.  While the chemists in the late 1800's concocted a means of synthesizing the pigment in a factory - there is still reason to celebrate plant based blue. (As one of the people growing Indigo on the Oregon Coast I can honestly say indigo is even more captivating now that I grow it.)

One of its special qualities, beyond the myriad shades of clear blue, is the capacity to create pattern by means of resistance.  By folding, stitching, tying and clamping - blue and white patterns result. Indigo resistance techniques can be seen in the beautiful Adire cloth of West Africa, fragments of Pre-Columbian Peruvian textiles, garments of the Miao people in China, the bandhani textiles of India, and was taken to a high art form in Japan, where it is known as Shibori.  The word Shibori has come to be used worldwide to describe these many methods of pattern making, especially when used with indigo.

Saturday October 6, 2018 I will be presenting a workshop Indigo Resistance as part of the HiiH Lights Fall Class Series. We will be using natural indigo grown here on the north Coast to create patterns on cotton cloth.  For those interested there is a second act to the day, in which we will provide a simple farm to table meal followed by a documentary film about the history of indigo.  (For those who attended last fall's indigo class & movie night - this is a different film.)

People can sign up for the class, the film viewing, or the package that includes class + supper + film.   Sign up with a friend and receive a little extra gift

Shibori Class - 2-5 p.m.                          Supper 5 p.m.                          Film 6 - 7:30 p.m.

(Email iris@dreambirdstudio.com to register.)

hiih indigo class poster.jpg

hiih indigo class poster.jpg